How to play Chess.

Chess is an ancient game that has been built upon for centuries. People have developed theory for chess and key goals in the game. Today, even computers play chess. However, a lot of people nowadays don’t know how to play chess. It is a very simple game, but at the same time, very complex. The moves of every piece is simple, but using all of them together can be difficult.

The goal of the game is to put the enemy king in checkmate. There are two sides, a black side and a white side. The white side always goes first, so they have an advantage. Each side has 8 pawns, 2 knights, 2 bishops, 2 rooks, and 1 queens. The queen is the best piece, being able to move unlimited spaces in any direction. The rooks move forwards and backwards unlimited spaces. The bishops move diagonal unlimited spaces too. The knights move in an L shape, two in one direction and 1 in the other. The pawns move 1 space and can move two spaces on their first move. The king can only move 1 on any direction.


As you can see, this is the layout of the chess board. It is 8 squares by 8 squares. The pawns form a line in the front. The pawns are considered one of the most powerful pieces because their position can dictate where the other pieces move. Also when a pawn reaches the other side of the board, they can “graduate” to any piece besides a king, so you can get another queen! The pawns are also extremely important in the end of the game.

A main objective you should push for is controlling the center. All pieces perform best towards the center where they can control the most spaces. Good moves to start with is moving either center pawns to the middle by moving them two spaces. After that continue to protect it as your opponent will try to attack it. The center 4 squares are your target until you move out all of your minor pieces and castle. Castling is when you switch your king and a rook when all the pieces between them are gone. That’s the basics! Good luck!

What is Weird?


Here my friend makes a very good point that we shouldn’t judge so fast. We may deem something weird, but in most cases we do something that someone else thinks is weird, or we do the same thing! We might be doing something like drawing squares on a piece of paper as art and someone may think you are weird for creating something so abstract. All the while the person could be making a sculpture of triangles sticking out everywhere. Both of these things make each person unique and it is natural for someone to be unique and show it.

Let's Be Weird

I think it’s natural, but after some time it becomes to seem weird to me. My brain acts like a label maker and just labels things at my first impression of it. But at some point, I may think about it again and my impression will change. Everything in this world has the possibility of being weird, it is just how you look at it! Sometimes I just ponder that and try to think of things that can be weird. Like how would you think if you didn’t know a language? Obviously you would still have a conscience but I have always always always wondered that.  I also always wondered how the first person ever came up with words and decided to create a language. There is just so much weird out there. So much can’t be explained and it is incredible. We all know that animals act out of…

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Phase 1, complete.

It feels like I have been climbing an uphill battle since July. Everyone always asks me when my car will run and I can drive, and I don’t really know. I have been working on my mustang coupe for a couple of months and the end is finally in sight. I can finally shut everyone up who has been giving me crap for the past months. Unfortunately, most people don’t understand how difficult it is to rebuild and engine and get a car running when you’re only 16. I don’t have a ton of money so it’s really tough. I am seeing friends pass me by as they get their own 2006 Camry and can drive to and from school.

I finally finished my engine build, I have a 2V 351 cleveland, nothing too special, yet. I have big plans for my car, but I really need to start driving. When I first bought the car, it had a 2V 351 cleveland but it didn’t run. The engine turned over but never started. Being completely inexperienced, I didn’t know what was wrong with it. In fact, I hadn’t even seen under the hood of any car before, and my dream is to become an automotive engineer, it was pretty sad. So I decided to take the entire engine apart and rebuild it. There were major problems. For one, when ever I turned the engine over on my stand, I could hear something rattling inside. When I got the oil pan off, I discovered that a piece of the engine block had broken off. The idiots who had the engine before me over torqued a water pump bolt, that was about 2 inches longer than it’s supposed to be, and it broke off the part around the threads. The engine was new and rebuilt they said.

I got down to the inner workings of the engine, the pistons and the crank. There was a lot of scoring on the cylinder walls and the bearings for the crank were garbage. I was looking at a lot of money to get my cylinders bored over to about 0.030 inches and getting a hone, not to mention getting my crank ground. In addition, my cylinder heads weren’t in very good shape either. It was going to cost me a lot of money, so I just decided to buy a new block and start from there.

I bought a new block and it cost me about $1500 to finish the long block. Everything was really nice. It took me a while to get the funds to buy other things like the harmonic balancer. Usually, the balancers are pretty cheap, but my crank was internally balanced, so I had to get a flexplate and harmonic balancer that were neutral balance. Ya, I have an automatic. Last weekend I finally got everything together, and I found that my intake manifold is a 4V manifold, but that is okay, I can keep it for a little longer when I get some good 4V closed chamber aluminum heads. Like I said earlier, I have big plans.

My plans for this car are very ambitious and it will take a lot of time, and money. The good thing is, I will probably keep this car forever, unless I swap it for a fastback and I can put my engine in. My biggest plans are for my engine. I want to keep the Cleveland as both of my first two engines were Clevelands and it has a lot of potential. I want to turn it into a 408C stroker with 4V heads and twin turbos. The reason for the turbos on a muscle car is that the Cleveland is meant to run at high rpm, and turbos are the same way, so at high rpm my engine will be a beast like this.

However, a supercharger would also be a good idea, because as a daily driver, I need low end power, and a supercharger provides that. As a matter of fact, my orthodontist has a Pantera with a twincharged 351 Cleveland, which means he has a supercharger AND twin turbos, it makes 1000 horsepower. He is pretty rich. I also want to get a nasty camshaft and make my engine sound like a beast when I’m idling at a stoplight. This might be my first purchase as I can show it off when I drive to school. Here is what a nice camshaft sounds like.

I put a lot of work into it and I want people to know that. It is something I am very passionate about. I also know that a lot of people love cars just as much as me and know a million times more than I do. I really want to learn more from others so I can be good at something I love doing. I’m hoping that restoring my Mustang the way I am teaches me a lot more as it already has taught me a lot. My dream is to work on cars or even design them as I love art too, and I will be posting some drawings of cars I am doing. I will post another update when I get my car running!

What goes unnoticed.

There are few things that go unnoticed that deal with a Mustang. However, some don’t get as much credit that they deserve. For example, the Ford EcoBoost engine. The EcoBoost has its roots in the first turbocharged engine produced by ford. The turbocharged engine was a response to the oil crisis in the 70’s and the need for power. The first turbocharged engine had 123 horsepower, today, the Ford GT puts out 600 hp with its turbocharged V6 EcoBoost.


The EcoBoost is really an evolution of the turbocharged engines found in Ford’s cars. The first turbocharged engines built by ford aimed to get power despite the heavy limitations placed upon them. That meant the legendary V8 died out because it could not meet emission standards at the time. Turbocharged engines were lighter, and could meet emission standards, while putting out some amount of horsepower. The turbocharged engine continued to evolve and eventually reached 200 horsepower by the time the SVO came around.

The EcoBoost is relatively new, as its debut was in 2009. Its goal, at least in Mustangs, is to achieve high horsepower, while putting out less emissions and using less fuel. Just the same as the old turbos in Mustangs. The V6 EcoBoost has been very successful, having around 350 horsepower in today’s Mustangs. Unfortunately, people want horsepower, horsepower, horsepower, and want the 500 horsepower V8. The V8, while classic and very powerful, isn’t as efficient. Also, it hasn’t met the V6 600 hp monster inside of the Ford GT, which is planned to be put into the Mustang. The most powerful production Mustang, the Shelby V8, makes 668 hp.

The EcoBoost might go unnoticed because of the classic staple V8 always found in a muscle car, but the EcoBoost is making big breakthroughs that save buyers money and save the environments. It has its roots in mustangs dating back to the 70’s so its not like it is anything radically new. It is speculated that the EcoBoost V6 might even replace the V8 in later model years, so we should accept the EcoBoost sooner than later.

2011 Ford F-150 EcoBoost truck 3.5L Engine


Mustang Vs. Camaro

The biggest car rivalry in America, the Mustang vs. the Camaro. After the Mustang’s debut, Chevy countered with the Camaro, creating a rivalry almost 50 years old. Each side has won many victories, and each has had its span of dominance. The fight has mostly always been about putting out the most horsepower, both being from the muscle car era. The great thing about this rivalry is it keeps these cars tied to their past. Today, cars change rapidly and are completely different from their original models, however, the Mustang and Camaro still have the same goal, and they both have a design similar to past models.


The rivalry began in the golden era of muscle cars. Companies were competing to put out as much horsepower as they could for both racing and civilian use. Engines that succeeded in racing would be tuned down for civilian use. The need for performance encouraged Ford to ask Caroll Shelby to work his magic on a mustang. This was the birth of the GT350 and the more powerful GT500, which are still around today. Chevy used a loophole which allowed dealers to custom order performance built cars. For example, the Yenko Chevrolet put L27 427’s in its cars, beefing up performance and creating the legendary Yenko Camaros. In 1969, Ford wanted to use its 429 engines in NASCAR, so they created the legendary Boss 429 that was powered by the engine, allowing the engine to be used in NASCAR. Both cars were making legendary moments in history.

The 1970’s were a very dark time for both the Mustang and Camaro. An oil embargo raised oil prices and performance was no longer the target. The designs of both cars brought down the reputation of the Mustang and Camaro. However, in 1979 the fox body mustang came out that gave a hint of hope to fans, even today the fox body 5.0 is popular for hot rodders. In 1982, the camaro began its own comeback. In the 90’s both cars began to have better performance, all they needed was classic styling. The Mustang got its classic styling in 2005, after the Camaro was retired in 2002. In 2010 the Camaro came back, and the rivalry began again.

Today both cars have great performance, over 400 hp in their standard V8 model, even the V6 models are fighting each other, both have over 300 hp. These cars are back and better than ever. I would say, however, that at this moment, the Mustang has the upper hand. The GT350R puts out monster power and is track ready, its basically a street legal race car. We will all have to see what the Camaro brings in 2016.





My own Mustang

I recently bought a mustang of my own. It is a white 1969 mustang coupe with a 351 cleveland engine. I bought it for $3000 from someone and hauled it home, it wasn’t running. The reason I bought it even though it wasn’t running is because I wanted to gain a deeper knowledge of cars and how they work. The interior of the car is great but I found out the seats were rusted and one of the hinges was broken, so I bought new ones. It turns out the engine inside of the car was toast, so I had to buy another 351 cleveland, which was quite expensive. I am currently in the process of finishing the engine up with a new flexplate, given the automatic transmission which I will change later. I am also getting a new harmonic balancer because it didn’t come with one and the old one from my other engine is, well, garbage. The crank was also balanced by a machine shop. I have cool plans for the future, I am planning to paint the car red and I have already gotten a front spoiler.


When the engine is complete it will put out around 400 horsepower. Of course that will create problems because there is a small and weak automatic transmission in the Mustang. I am going to try and replace the transmission with a manual T5 transmission which will hold up to the power and make the car more fun to drive. Later on I will also have to replace the brakes because they are old and I don’t yet trust them. I think I may get all four wheels a set of disc brakes to increase stopping power of the car.

My Mustang doesn’t have much safety compared to cars of today. When I bought it, there weren’t any seat belts in the car, and there are no air bags like modern cars. Also, obviously I don’t have rear cameras to check what is behind me like cars of today. My new seats have seat belts and are anchored into the car very well. I also have new bolts bolting the seats into the frame of the car.

The Legend

The Boss 429 is considered one of the greatest Mustangs of all time. The Boss 429 was produced in limited quantities from 1969 to 1970. The Boss 429 is a very sought after model with very few still in existence. Prices for these cars are at least $200,000. The 429 also came with the largest hood scoop ever produced for a mustang. The Boss was produced because of NASCAR’s homologation rules requiring at least 500 cars fitted with Fords new engine to be made available to the public.

This new engine was a 429 cubic inch 385 that was designed to compete against the 426 Hemi made by Chrysler. The engine was so big the engine bay had to be modified to accommodate it. A company called Kar Kraft was called upon to open up space for the 500+ horsepower monster. The actual horsepower is disputed because Ford’s official rating was 375 horsepower, however, Ford intentionally lowered the official horsepower rating to lower insurance costs for customers, sneaky. The engine featured aluminum cylinder heads with a special hemi type combustion chamber with a cresent shape. The cylinder heads were dry-decked, which means there were no head gaskets between the block and the heads. Instead, each cylinder, oil passage, and coolant passage, had its own seal. The boss came with a 735 CFM Holley 4 barrel carburetor. The 1969 Boss 429 had a hydraulic lifter camshaft and the 1970 version had a mechanical camshaft. The engine’s performance was limited in production versions. The engine could run at 9000rpm but was limited to 6200rpm in production versions. Once unrestricted, it said the Boss 429 can exceed speeds of 175 mph, but has slow acceleration because the engine is focused on high rpm.


The Boss 429 was tested in a muscle car shootout against many of its rivals from the past and other classic muscle cars. The video here, Muscle Car Shootout, put legendary muscle cars to the test. The shootout took the stock cars, unlike car magazines back in the day. Magazines would receive cars from the manufacturer that could be lighter, without sound proofing, or could have had port work done. All of these would improve the performance of the car and make it better than the stock version that the public would have. The greatness of this test took cars that the public had. The 1969 Boss 429 took the win in the most categories and was declared the winner of the competition. This proves that the Boss 429 is one of the best performing muscle cars of all time.

The First Mustang

         The Mustang has a rich history of rivalries and successes, it is also an American icon that symbolizes power and style. The Mustang, when introduced, was so popular, that it created a whole new type of automobile, the pony car. Other companies raced to be a part of the hit known as the pony car and ever since, there has been competition that fuels new ideas and innovations, that is why the Mustang is still so popular today.
          The Mustang was conceived in 1962 and was ready for sale in the 1965 model year. However, the Mustang was introduced 5 months before the normal start of the 1965 model year so it has been called a 1964 ½. The official introduction of the Mustang was at the 1964 World’s fair. This Mustang has many features similar to the Ford Falcon, therefore, many mechanical parts were used from the Falcon. The first model of Mustang came with a straight 6, weighing 2,570 lbs, and the V8 weighed around 2,970 lbs with all extras included. There are also “late” 1965 models that were produced during the start of the normal 1965 model year. These mustangs had engine improvements, such as an extra 30 cu. in. in the straight 6 engine, making 200 horsepower, and the V8 making 271 horsepower. In 1965 the Shelby Mustang was born and was produced with the new fastback body.


        In addition, there is controversy over who has the first Mustang sold out of the dealership. One man claimed he had the first Mustang that he bought on April 16th, 1964. However, a women bought hers on April 15th, 1964. After college, when she was 22 she wanted to buy a convertible and she asked the dealer, he took her to see a new unreleased car, it was supposed to come out on April 17th, she bought it and became the first Mustang owner. Here is a link to her story First Mustang Sold.